CCL searched the North Atlanta market and located the property, performed the due diligence and successfully negotiated the purchase and closed on the property. CCL worked with the local Medical Community to market and negotiate the required leases so the project could move forward. CCL assembled the project team, secured the funding and delivered the project.


  • Finding suitable property for a medical office building
  • Assemble the required team
  • Securing tenants for the building
  • Developing the project


  • Defined property parameters/conducted search/closed
  • Select the team via a RFP process, wrote contracts
  • Marketed the building, negotiated leases on property
  • Drafted project leases, secured funding, proceeded into design & construction


    CCL provides the time and experience to help the healthcare professional leverage their time and decision making input on a project.  CCL handles the day to day affairs in the development, delivery and management of the project so the healthcare professional can focus on what they need to accomplish in their organization and work effort.  

    The lens and filters of CCL help you see the project from a different perspective as we sit on your side of the table organizing and managing the project.  Our clients trust us to provide the leadership necessary to develop and deliver successful healthcare projects. Our speciality is solving problems before they become problems. 

    • Scott Road Medical Building, Under Development

    • Preston Ridge Medical Office Building, Alpharetta, GA

    • Northside Cherokee, Woodstock, GA

    • Highland Parkway Professional Building, Ellijay, GA

    • The Ultima at Eagles Landing Medical Office Building, Stockbridge, GA